2010 Letter: US Intelligence Officer phoned: Will you take the USA back by MILITARY FORCE?


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[Daniel, whom I have known for a very long time, found a letter which resulted in him getting a call from a retired US Intelligence Officer who asked him many questions.

I will state this: I have had discussions with other US friends in the past, especially one who was very involved in military/intelligence stuff. He said to me that it does not exist within the context of the US Military culture to ever consider a coup. He told me many years ago, that a military coup in the USA is totally impossible.
I suspect my friend was right. I don't think that such a thing can happen in the USA. The Jews see to it that patriotic generals are removed. This type of stuff was also prevented in Apartheid South Africa. They fired one general after another when they needed to.
In my view, the only true way forward for whites, in the Western World, is by military force by the common white males. I believe in a MASS REVOLUTION of WHITE MEN ONLY. I think this is the only way to seize back the USA, or nations in Europe.
In South Africa, I believe that we need to form a whites-only army, that will defend the whites.
In the rest of the world, I would advise a French Revolution style, massed fight for power. It is into this, that you will find patriotic military people (what few are left), actually joining.
Its the only way. Voting is a total waste of time, even in the USA.
If you are willing to settle for a few breadcrumbs, then sure, go and vote. If you want real change, get a weapon and spend your time studying military history and teaching yourself technical, useful skills. The only real change always only comes from the masses. Its a history lesson from Europe. Napoleon knew it, Hitler knew it, its the only way. You execute those who need to be executed, and you fix things that way. Violence is the only way. Anything else is just a child's game that's not worth bothering about. You'll get a few breadcrumbs from the Jews and the elite. Jan]

From: Daniel Johns

This is the letter I had forwarded back in 2010 to many folks, and got me a call from a former US Intel Officer (retired) who asked me a series of questions about whether or not ‘we the people’ would support the military in taking back our nation. I will discuss this letter on the call tonight. – Dan

January 7, 2010
Doug McIntosh

I think the possibility of a military coup de tat in the United States is the highest it has ever been in our history. The reasons for that are legion. We are simply at a point in our history where the US military may very well decide to take over running the country. The reason they will do this is not to save the American Republic, which died in October of 2008 with the first Wall Street and bank bailout votes. No it will be at a more basic level: to save the territorial integrity and lives of Americans. The US military may very well decide that they need to assume direct control in order to prevent a combination of economic collapse, social collapse and military collapse. We should begin at the beginning as they say.

The reason for any potential US military coup is simple. If the military thinks they can do a better job than the civilian leadership they will stage a coup; if not, the military will avoid a coup.

An analysis of the current situation in the USA provides a clearer explanation for any potential military coup. The first rule of military coups is they rarely, if ever, happen unless the civilians have mucked things up so badly the military is required to intervene. Historically, military people want to have as little to do with politics as they can, at least in the Western nations. As long as the system runs along smoothly, the politicians aren’t complete idiots and the people are relatively content, the military is more than happy to stay in their barracks. It is only when things head south the military gets involved.

I think the model for what is happening in the USA; what has been happening since Obama was anointed is Chile. In 1973 Chile elected a Marxist egghead named Allende, who promptly began to impose a Marxist dictatorship on Chile. The military moved against him and imposed a military dictatorship under Pinochet. Two decades later, the military gave up power. Both the reasons and the methods used in Chile directly apply to the USA, although hopefully any US military coup will avoid the death squads common in Chile.

The USA is functionally bankrupt at all levels, Federal, state, city and county, individuals and corporations. The US military has severe strains on its resources, abilities and people. The US military is now subjected to brazen attacks at its bases inside the United States. The political leadership class is incompetent, arrogant, out of touch and increasingly drunk on personal ambition and power. The media is full of lying shills. The banksters, Wall Street whores and corporate criminals are beyond restraint now, feeding at the Federal Reserve and US Treasury with no concern for the exploding anger and chaos around them. As the USA burns, the political, cultural, media, educational and religious leadership ignores the problems, denies the problems or uses the problems to enrich themselves at taxpayer expense. The non-military leadership classes in the USA are beyond reform. As such, they will simply be replaced during any military coup de tat. The civilian leadership classes are simply not relevant to any future events in the USA over the next decade. The military knows this. The people know this. The leadership classes are so out of touch they do not.

The military leadership of the USA at the highest levels is globalist to the core; however, the lower and middle levels are not. It will a Colonel’s coup and not come from the Joint Chief level. The Generals have already sold out the nation to the globalists for at least the last two decades. The Joint Chiefs have all been CFR members for a long time now. The highest levels of the military are no longer interested in national identity, or nationalism at all. They are out of touch with the increasing frustrated and angry troops under their command. It was the FreiKorps, a group of frustrated World War One veterans, which formed the striking core for radical change in Germany when the Weimar Republic imploded. Janet Janet of Fatherland Security thinks so based upon her recent comments. The Freikorps can be either left or right as cultural conditions permit. My view is the American Freikorps will be populist and Constitution loving. They will avoid racial stupidity and thus be successful. The armed militia is a large segment of the Freikorps.

The function of our Imperial US military is no longer to protect the American Republic. Their function is to protect the society and by doing that to protect themselves. If the current corrupt American civilian leadership classes think the Imperial US military is going to fall on the sword to protect the status quo for them, they are even more delusional than I think they are. The military takes care of its own; the military protects its own and the military loves its own. These Clinton retreads running around our Marxist Dictator Obama have no idea how much the US military despises them; nor do they have any idea of how little is preventing a military coup d’etat.

The first condition for a military coup de tat has already been met; namely, the incompetence and corruption of the ruling civilian elite. The US military now realizes its own people are dying because of the insolence and incompetence of the Obama administration. The only issue is whether, or how much longer, they will tolerate it. On a broad range of issues the Obama administration is seriously disconnected, from the general populace of the United States, as well as the US military. The US military is appalled at the level of stupidity regarding nuclear weapon drawdowns, force deployments, the war in both Iraq and Afghanistan; open attacks by militant Islam inside the USA, being allowed by the Obama administration. The US military is coming to two conclusions about the Obama administration: one, they are incompetent and two, that incompetence is getting Americans killed. It got American soldiers gunned down at Fort Hood and it nearly got 300 Americans killed over Detroit’s airport. The military will not give Obama a third chance. Three strikes and you are out. I could add that Janet Janet’s incredibly moronic statement about the “system working” didn’t go over in either the Intelligence or Military spheres. You can be a bastard, but you better be a competent one.

We have a situation where the civilian leadership is discredited, incompetent and allowing Americans to be killed with impunity inside the USA by terrorists. Such is the current state of America. At all levels of our culture, our economy, our daily lives we are besieged and overwhelmed by the stupidity of political correctness. PC will either be the death of us, or the causative agent for a military coup de tat.

We are not quite there yet. The military has not given up hope. The military will likely wait for the November elections in the hope the worthless Republicans can reverse the worst of our Marxist in Chief’s agenda. The pieces have not quite come together yet for a military coup. We need to have the final political despair. Personally, I don’t think it matters whether we even have elections this November. The trends are clear enough for me to see anyway.

Here is the most likely scenario. The USA lurches and stumbles through 2010 with increasing economic and social distress. The system manages to issue enough debt to maintain the social order long enough for the November elections. The Republicans stomp the Democrats. Early in 2011 the Republicans attempt to reverse our Marxist in chief’s agenda, with varying results. Or the Republicans betray the voters and make few changes. The only certain result is a bitterly divided country: 25% of Obama’s true believers versus 25% armed militia, with the rest caught in the middle. The military is also caught in the middle as the rhetoric intensifies with charges of racism and anti semitism and the like. In 2011 the Taliban kicked the USA out of Afghanistan. In the USA itself militant Islam openly attacks with impunity due to the political correct dogmas of Obama and his ilk. We lurch through 2011 in a state of profound crisis at all levels of our society. The Southern Poverty Law Center issues hysterical press releases about Nazis everywhere. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton start howling about racism. Everybody is screaming at each other about everything.

As the USA heads into 2012 the nation is fundamentally flawed at all levels. Social anarchy is everywhere as rioting urbanites protest service cuts. Government, when it functions at all, is at a bare minimum. The US military watches helplessly as it is defeated overseas, forced to flee with its tail between its legs back to the USA where Obamabots openly attack it for racism, incompetence and blame the defeats on them. The military watches helplessly as the domestic social order frays under the economic and racial tensions of 2012. And as the election cycle builds up the military simply acts. It will act since the social order is breaking down. It will act since the system cannot deal with the crisis. It will act because the military is the power of last resort. When all else fails, the military will step in.

The USA military simply tells Obama he is through. The US military simply takes over and removes all the Obamabots from the government. The military declares martial law for 6 years and then simply starts doing things. The military declares the US border sealed and sends the 82nd Airborne, showing on television the airborne drop, to the Texas border. The military issues execution orders for all terrorists in captivity, along with child molesters and anybody on death row. The military sends 1000 troops to Wall Street and begins arresting the heads of Goldman Sachs, AIG and others. They are paraded live on television to crowds of jeering onlookers. The military deals with the usual riots by blacks and others in the cities by simply sealing them off and cutting water, food and power to them. After three weeks all organized opposition to the military coup collapses, since the armed militia made no attempt to fight the military.

The military arranges a summit of all the constitutionalist, populist, militia and patriot groups and finds strong support for its military coup d’etat. As Muslims are rounded up for deportation; as political liberals flee the country for France, large numbers of Americans have no concern over the military coup. In fact, many welcome it. Whenever Hollywood types show up to protest the execution of child molesters for instance, they are savagely beaten by enraged mobs. The military takes direct control of all media outlets and simply replaces all the mainstream media people en mass. The American people neither notice nor care as long as American Idol keeps running. Within 90 days of the military coup de tat life has returned to normal. or what passes for normal in the USA. The borders have been sealed, illegal immigrants and Muslims among others have either left the country or been kicked out. The Federal Reserve has been abolished as the military begins the process or reindustrializing the USA. The elite will have either fled, been imprisoned or executed by the military government in an effort to maintain its popularity. Like I said, large sections of the American populace will support the coup wholeheartedly. The ones who don’t will either flee, be arrested or keep very quiet. However, the military coup will remain in power because it will have the support of the armed militias and the troops. The 1.25 million weapons being sold per month since Obama took power will be held by people sympathetic to the goals of a military coup. The coup will be launched by Constitutionalist and patriot elements inside the US military, mostly below the level of Colonel I think, when they judge the social chaos has reached the point of collapsing the country. When these final conditions are met, not now in 2010, but in 2012, the US military will move quickly and decisively to take power and save the USA from imploding.

The military, as Rush Limbaugh put it so well, is designed to “break things and kill people.” It is only a matter of time, in my opinion, before the US military decides it has had enough of Obama and his Obamabots, enough of Americans openly being murdered by Militant Islam inside the USA and enough of the politically correct idiocy which does nothing. When the economic conditions are dire enough, the armed militias angry enough and the military fed up enough things will flow together and create the ideal conditions for a military coup de tat.

Mr. Q tells me that “government types” regularly monitor the Q files. Hopefully, I am on every domestic terrorist list Janet Janet has; if not, I am not trying hard enough. This essay will get the Echelon types to take their feet off the consoles no doubt. A military coup de tat which incorporated elements of the armed militia, populist, tea party and constitutionalist philosophy would have a very good chance of happening and then being successful. Some may consider this essay fiction; some may consider it madness; however, I consider it a sober and reasoned analysis of what may very well happen in the next two years or so. The military will move if conditions get bad enough in order to save the territorial integrity of the US, as well as its basic social framework.

By the way, the military government will not be racist per se, but they will be merit based and have no tolerance for the types of deviant behavior common in minority communities. In other words, you will not get shot because you are Black or Hispanic: you will get shot because you are a drug selling, gang banging, rapist thug. They will apply the military method of merit based race relations to the general populace. This will render Jesse Jackson et all out of business. One of the major reasons for the success of the military coup de tat is that they will actually deliver on racial equality, unlike the racist Obama whose plan was to pit all racial groups against each other to implement his Marxist dictatorship. Criminal members of minority communities will be held accountable for their deviancy, but opportunity will be unlimited for those who play by the rules. Illegal aliens will be hunted down and deported, but legal refugees will feel no fear. Such policies will make the military government quite popular; as I said the liberal PC morons will simply leave the USA, shut up, or be beaten to death when they show up to demonstrate.

The key is the response of the armed militia. I don’t believe the armed militia would take up arms against a military government which was sealing the border and deporting illegal aliens, arresting the whores on Wall Street and kicking Muslims out of the USA. Nearly 20 million personal weapons have been sold since Obama was anointed, along with 10 Billion rounds of ammo. The USA had 9 million in the military during World War Two. The armed militia is now twice as big as the entire US military in World War Two. The US military can either fight the armed militia, or they can incorporate its views in a National Salvation type of government. I believe the US military will do the later and be hugely popular. In particular, any military government which executed the head of Goldman Sachs on live television would remain in power for a generation at least. No doubt about that at all in my view.

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